Welcome To The Confessions Of Poison Ivy

I am told by my good friend Harley that blogging helps one get out all that pent up...rage *smiles* So in that spirit I am welcoming you to read the confessions of me-Poison Ivy

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sorry Batman-The Votes Are In And The Tears Have Won!!! So uncle Batman, I thought I would go with more black clothing and tribal, I could make you wait longer but I am not gonna. I will dress up enough to get the point across, for any one else I would dress to the nines but ehhh, I don't feel like it *smiles* I will let you know when it is posted-XO Ivy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DarkKnight711 It's on! The Dance Off You and me!

DarkKnight711-I will post a video of ME dancing-you can try to top it-BUT I WILL BRING YOU DOWN!

So all the Batman (all but Batman711) On Twitter are too scared to have a dance off. I know that the rat with wings wouldn't kick my can in the dance department! Sorry Bats!

I still have a school girl obsession with stationary-I went out to go pick some up yesterday-sock monkey *smiles* I can not help my self! I found THE BEST BUBBLEGUM EVER-Absinthe BUBBLEGUM *sighs with joy* It's so wonderful!

Sins-I am still lusting after Jussi 69 from The 69 Eyes (DO CHECK THEM OUT-THEY ROCK) But I have a weakness for Drummers...or at least that is what I am telling myself. I have been watching the video for Micheal Jackson's You Rock My World (I've never been a fan of Micheal Jackson) Only For Micheal Madsen (spelling-That hot mo-fo that was Budd in Kill Bill) in GREEN-Does anyone else think that Brando when he go heavy stopped being Brando, he became an actor and a prop-meaning other actors walk around him, lay on him ect-He became two tons of fun and stopped walking properly! I talked to my grandmother on my Mum's side and we talked about old school actors-I have the same taste in men as my Nan-Is that weird? I love the way my dearest love's voice sounds-god it's sexy! And I slept for 23 hours-I am not gonna lie-IT WAS BLISS!

I need to plants some more herbs.

I talked to a guy on the street who was playing the guitar for money, he played Lead Belly, we talked about History for about an hour-I very rarely meet people like that!

I will be blogging more-maybe not so Random *smiles* But who knows.

TRY THIS-Talk Dirty In the same voice as Johhny Depp as Willy Wonka-It's far to fun!

Well I am going to be back to Blog later XO-Ivy

PS Videos for Harley and My Blog Coming Soon *grins*