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Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Harley, No Loki& A Braying

Hello my fans, admires, and creeps watching me like Batman! God does that guy need a cold shower or a date? So some of my real life friends are missing from Twitter. They come on every now and then but it’s not like it used to be! GreenLantern_00 BuddSwideinder SnakeEyeJohnny And Loki_Pawns_All get you ass back on line. Speaking of LOKI let’s talk shall we:

Part One: Miss/Mister Masshole RP Spam Blocker


There is this guys we will call him Jacob Masshole, and he is GAY and Christian, does anyone read the bible? It states clearly that it’s an abomination! So Mr. Masshole was my friend, he changes his twitter ID more than most guys change there socks, so he is gay (big deal, he is Christian but not Christ like-Blocking people for spam when they do something wrong like RT a tweet *gasp, shock, panic, terror* Mr. Masshole the RT is a good thing you thick fuck, forgive me, it says to n the Bible! So he reported Loki_Pwns_All who I adore and if he is reading this I meant everything I said every word)

So she blocked him for spam, then Masshole, who is RPing as Miss Masshole, said she did it because he was RTing her/him. Then she said it was an accident. YOU ARE A BITCH, oops that was an accident-forgive me it’s in the bible! So I was hoping to spend time with Loki I adore him and his page is gone! What the fuck…it hits me Miss Masshole, she wasn’t sorry that she fucked him and I over she was sad because of a few reasons “If I tell you will you report me for spam?” No FUCKO I love it when people I care for get kicked off twitter because of you stupid ass! Them I went on a drinking and violence bender.

I was twitter-crying and twitter drinking to Loki, then it hits me like a train a panic attack, maybe he hates me, maybe he wants nothing to do with me TheOnlySkuld had to give me my panic attack medication, still can’t breath I pass out and wait up with an asthma inhaler in my mouth and TheOnlySkuld standing over me, with no real clue as to how I got on the floor, but she saved me from the ER, I know if I panic these things will happen, nut I still panic…so I can not find LOKI, twitter Drinking and Twitter sobbing over a person I care for in real life, Miss Masshole says can I do anything to make you feel better? I say, GET LOKI BACK NOW! She gets the wrong LOKI, then she half heartedly says she/hr is dory, I drink, weep, and listen to LOUD Irish mucic hiding over my covers and Miss Masshole HAS TO HAVE IT ALL ABOUT PAY ATTENTION TO MASSHOLE!

She is now working for my Harley-Luv Harleen2Harley as SexyHarleyQuinn *sings* she is a man, that’s all just a man, she is alive, he is alive he’s alive!” So Masshole packs his/any shit and says that he/she is leaving the Greenhouse, first thought-FOR GOOD, he/she says for good. I am moving in with my boss. It’s funny Miss Mass hole hated my Harley-Luv and hates her man Mister J. She has talk so much shit about how no one should trust Harleen2Harley because she HAS to be EVIL, IT’s ROLE BLAY MASSHOLE! Harley-Luv and I talk about our real lives it’s not I am Harley Quinn, I am Ivy rocking back and forth playing games non stop, we know each other’s names no biggie, we are working together soon hopefully-we are no insane like Masshole. So he/she can not have his her own identity (copies off others) and has to have a boss (I think he/she likes to be told what to do) So all the time, all this Harleen2Harley shit talking and I hate The Joker Not stops shit talk marathon, with me doing the twitter equivalent of smiling and nodding, SO MASSHOLE WILL KEEP HIS/HER DRAMA AWAY FROM ME! DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT MT FRIENDS!!!

NOTE: I will tell them your smack talk! So, when I asked if LOKI has a new page she pulled up LokiLordOfLies who have mot been on scene March so I would say, THAT’s A LOKI JUST NOT MY LOKI. So I Talk to TheOnlySkuld who is a dear friend in RL , Scottish, but does the best American accent *giggles* She is wonderful I trust her, so much h I am happy she is on Twitter now (she wanted to meet LOKI being of the same faith CHEERS MOSSHOLE!) So Skuld is watching RougeTouch’s kids and attempting to cheer me up NOTE: Not being a DRAMA QUEEN! Skuld knows that if I don’t drink myself silly, get in fights, I will take it out on myself.

I am seriously stick of love and the pain that love brings so I a thinking or RP carving my heart out of my chest, keep it locked way *sighs*Loki said something sweet and romantic and I WILL NEVER KNOW IF HE MEANT IT THAT MASSHOLE! Or should I say yeah with the worst timing ever! So Masshole says something like Get out of bed and talk to me! FUCK OFF YOU MADE MY LOKI GO I WILL TAY IN BED, DRINK, AND SECRETLY WISH AND SECRETLY WISH MISS MASSHOLE WILL BURST INTO FLAMES! But I yell NO I AM NOT GETTING OUT BED I WANT LOKI AND HE IS GONE AND I PROMISE HE’S NOT COMING BACK! Skuld chimes in with you are wonderful, smart, sexy, completement that are supposed to make me feel better but don’t. I say Oh, well *looks around* NOT HE IS NOT HERE!!! SO HE IS NOT COMING BACK! Then again for Miss Masshole opens up with, Well, you clearly don’t want to talk to me! You blame we for Loki *slabs fists into wall (FYI they are cement,) I yell, LOOK I NEED TO DRINK AND BE ALONE! YOU BLOCKED THE ONE PERSON THAT MAKES TWITTER BETTER, LOKI IS NOT COMING BACK *Drinks Scotch* I NEED TO DRINK AND GO NUMB…naturally Masshole makes it all about him/her FUCK THAT! Thank the gods for Skuld saying to Masshole, Look I know Ivy in RL, she needs to be alone, drink, and go numb-TRUE IT HELPS! Then DM from Miss Masshole, what do you mean cut out your heart? That Skuld (proof he never took religious studies) Person said you need to be alone. Why? Is it me? I was honest I said, SKULD THE GODDESS OF FATE, she is my dearest friend in RL, and we work on thr same dance troop THE DEAD GIRLS. And yes I need to be alone to cry, miss LOKI WHO IS GONE BECAUSE YOU REPORTED HIM FOR SPAM, by the way stop doing that block someone don’t report them for spam unless it is porn of something *snarls* He isn’t going to come back, I can feel it, I felt different, like in RL we knew each other, he is special, BRING KOI BACK NOT, let my cry, drink, and go numb! To that DM I get shortly after another from Miss Masshole, Are you mad at me? Can I make this better? Why do you need to be alone? Are you really going to cut your heart out? Before I can reply I get tweets from everyone like I am drink and holding a razor to my throat! One of them was from Skuld with a picture of Poison Ivy with the words There are a shortage of perfect natural breasts in the world, it would be a shame to ruin yours *smiles* Please don’t cut your heart out for me! Only she can do that and be cute.


So the Lose of Loki made me create a compound to make me feel now pain from my heart and the loss, oh and the BETRAYAL! But the compound mixed with my mutation and I have *smirks* changed…

Budd’s bar is being remade BOUNCERS AND BARTENDERS NEEDED! It’s going to be a psycho bell sin den *smiles*

I hope Harley2Harley is not mad at me…THANK MISTER MASSHOLE! What ever I did Harley I am sorry! Twitter is not the same with out you…

To be continued…


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